Minions Bob with Teddy Bear Reviews

Minions Bob with Teddy Bear Reviews

minions bob with teddy bearMinions Bob with Teddy Bear Review. What the owners on this childrens toy saying? Theresa Jones says after giving a Amazon five star “So adorable!” No matter what your age, if you love minions, you’ll love Bob and his Teddybear, Tim. It’s just so cute and cuddly. It’s exactly as described-10 inches of adorableness. I highly recommend this for anyone who’s crazy about minions. Another Amazon five star review from Ruthann C. says: This is a gift for my granddaughter. She loves the minions and I do too! Bob and his teddy are adorable! This is a great gift for a boy or girl.

minion bob with teddy bear

Let me tell you alittle about Minions Bob with Teddy Bear gift available at the amazon store and retailers all over… This is a Dispicable Me product. He Responds when you hug him, Squeeze his hand & he talks, it is Super soft & cuddly plush, has the original voice with sound effects and wears soft plastic goggles. Click on the like below to get a great deal with fast shipping. Remember to leave your review once you receive this item.


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